Digital Service Design

Customer centricity in digital online services is ensured through professional service design. Before implementing the service, customer journeys are reviewed. Digital service design offers the customer a smooth user experience throughout the entire service process. At the same time, it ensures that the maintenance of the online service runs smoothly in all stages.

digitaalinen palvelumuotoilu

Excellent customer experience and business objectives

To succeed, online stores and other digital services must find the right balance between excellent customer experience and business objectives. Both of these factors must be considered whenever services are being built. Properly executed digital service design ensures that different customer journeys are implemented from the customer’s perspective as smoothly and intuitively as possible, while also taking into account business objectives and constraints.


Get the sales experience in shape with service design

A company’s investments and resourcing for the daily maintenance and operation of its online store and digital services are directly related to the size of the business conducted online. In other words, there are no extra resources, and they are not acquired until necessary. This is why it is extremely important that running the online service and the related daily work is as smooth as possible. For example, setting up a product in an online store can take ten times longer if the process is poorly designed. In the service design project implemented by Teamit, employee process efficiency is also examined.


Tools and methods for firmness in service design

Views on service design and its implementation methods vary widely, and on the other hand, it is also one of the strengths of service design. There is no one right way to implement service design, which makes it suitable for a wide range of environments. It is good to have various tools and ready-made methods available. This speeds up the service design project and at the same time, the project’s outputs can be carefully documented. Teamit has a wide range of different tools for service design.