Teamit offers solutions for all design challenges, whether it’s a small or large project.
Our design team and consultants are your best allies when your goal is to develop functional and user-friendly solutions.

Where do we excel?

Available to you is a skilled designer or an entire team for long-term, continuous work or for a predetermined period, for a more limited project. Our design consultants are worth their weight in gold when you need the best possible assistance in design tasks. Our consultants specialize in service design, UX/UI design, and product design. We help you choose the service that best meets your needs. 

Usability Testing

Usability testing is a crucial part of product or service development. Through testing, the user experience of a product or service is evaluated, and any problems or obstacles that affect usability and user satisfaction are identified.

At Teamit, usability testing can be conducted as part of an application development
project or as a targeted implementation for a release-ready application version or a product already in production.

Design Facilitation

Facilitation helps a team focus on creative thinking, generating ideas, finding
solutions, and making decisions. In design facilitation, the emphasis is on promoting creative thinking and bringing out tacit knowledge within the organization.

At Teamit, facilitation may include brainstorming sessions, user research, prototype
evaluations, and various design tasks. The goal is to develop, for example, models of operation, software, business processes, or customer-centric approaches.

We conduct flexible workshops and can assist in identifying the facilitation topic. We design the workshop content either independently or in collaboration with the client, ensuring that our service precisely meets your needs.