Quality Assurance and testing services

Teamit’s testing experts ensure that your software meets the requirements set including functionality, usability, performance, and customer experience.

Where are we particularly good?

Our test managers have strong expertise and experience in test planning and coordination, as well as manual testing and test automation. Our test automation specialists automate steps that require repeated testing, such as regression testing. Our usability testers ensure that the service’s usability and customer experience meet the specified requirements. Our manual testers handle testing in areas that are not suitable for automation or require special expertise in a particular industry.

We handle the entire software development life cycle from unit testing to integration and system testing. We have expertise in both traditional (Waterfall) testing processes and working as part of an agile development team. 

In our daily use are, among others, Robot Framework, Python, Java, Cucumber, Selenium, etc. In testing, we are not tied to any specific technologies or tools but use them versatilely.

Development of our Customer’s software testing 

For customers who have identified a need to optimise their internal testing function, we can execute a development project, tailored for the customer’s specific development areas from start to finish. 

The development need can be related for instance to testing environment, testing process or the tools used in testing – or specifically to test automation development. 

To aid us in the definition of each development need we have testing maturity assessment tool at our disposal, with which we can together with the customer quickly and easily define the current state and key development areas of the customer’s testing function. 

The customer can also themselves carry out the testing maturity assessment, completely free of charge. If you are interested in hearing more, get in touch with our sales team.

QA as a Service

For customers who want to dedicate the entire quality assurance of their software development to an external partner, we provide QA as a Service. 

In this model our quality assurance service covers the entire span of the customer’s software testing, and the specific Core Services are defined together with the Customer in the service ramp up phase. The Core Services can easily be complemented with additional services based on the Customer’s supplementary needs (for instance test environments, QA competence development & training).  

QA as a Service isa fixed price service, and contains also continuous Service monitoring and joint development. 

AI-based tools

Teamit’s experts are highly skilled in utilizing AI-based tools. Among the most commonly used are ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot.