The secret to our success is having skilled professionals who are passionate about their work.

We are a workplace where people enjoy working for a long time.

Teamit Salary and salary models

You can choose the compensation model that suits you best with us. The choice is yours.

A consultant can change their payment model with a one-month notice period. The payment model can be changed at most once every 12 months.

The current billing rates for our software development experts are 80-120 €/hour.

Fixed monthly salary

  • The salary range for our currently open positions is between 5000€/month to 7500€/month.

Invoicing-related monthly salary

  • 50% of client billing
  • Teamit pays the normal employer’s social security contributions from the salary – meaning that 50% is the consultant’s genuine gross salary
  • If there were no billing, the guaranteed salary would be €3080 per month.

Benefits and bonuses

  • Computer (PC / Mac), phone, and peripherals
  • Phone benefit if needed
  • Internet benefit if needed
  • Free use of Udemy Business online training portal
  • High-quality occupational health care services
  • Massage benefit, where the employer pays 50% of the purchased massage
  • Exercise and culture benefit, where the employer pays 50% of the purchased exercise or cultural activity
  • Lunch benefit, where the employer pays 25% of the purchased lunch
  • Commuting benefit in Helsinki (HSL) and Tampere (Nysse)
  • Bonus when your customer feedback is at least 4/5.
  • Bring your best coworkers with you, and receive a 3000€ recruitment bonus per recommended person!
  • Do you personally know someone from a good and interesting company? Bring in an assignment from there and receive a 3000€ fee per assignment!
  • Comprehensive leisure accident insurance that covers everything except professional sports and traffic accidents both at home and abroad.
  • The possibility to work completely remotely.
  • The possibility to work a 4-day week.
  • The option to choose and switch between two different salary models.
  • The opportunity for colleague coaching and mentoring.
  • Planned and systematic competence development.
  • When there is a possibility to choose from several different assignments, the choice is yours.

Don’t believe us? Talk to our consultants and ask them!

Development of expertise

The core of Teamit are satisfied Teamit members, and their professional expertise is our most significant asset. Skill development guides all decisions related to our business.

At Teamit, the development of expertise begins immediately at the start of employment. On the first day of work, we discuss areas of interest related to one’s career and goals concerning job tasks, responsibilities, and areas of expertise. Together, we consider how these goals can be achieved considering the market.

The next discussion takes place three months after the start of the first assignment, and from then on, conversations are held at least twice a year. Although we aim for significant goals and directions right from the first day, the development of expertise is strongly iterative: goals are reviewed and updated in each conversation.

Planning for skill development doesn’t necessarily develop the skills by itself, but the planning helps in decision-making when considering:

  • Which assignments best lead towards desired tasks and responsibilities?
  • Which courses and trainings benefit the expert?
  • Could mentoring be beneficial?
  • How do short-term financial benefits compare to long-term financial benefits?

You do you, we let you shine.

At Teamit, for every assignment, we always choose the best expert specifically for that task, who receives solid support from the employer to carry out the project. One of our primary responsibilities is to ensure the consultant’s success with the client. This guiding principle forms the foundation of our operations.

Most of our clients are either large, significant companies or public sector organizations. Many of our projects are of societal importance.

The size of our clients also means that our client relationships are long-term – a typical assignment lasts several years. Within the framework of a single assignment, we might be involved in multiple different projects. It’s also common that, over the course of these extended client relationships, the responsibilities of our consultants grow and evolve.

Driven by your drive

For Teamit, we only hire experts who already have substantial experience in software development and who have shouldered significant responsibilities earlier in their careers. We value experience in consulting and close client work.

Teamit’s experts possess a strong passion to continually improve. Here, we develop everyone’s skills. We also assist our clients in their growth and strive to make Teamit an even stronger and better company.

We want to be the best together now, and we always want to be the best together. That’s why every expert on our team has a genuine opportunity to influence their salary, development, job responsibilities, and career advancement.

Teamit values

Teamit is enthusiastic and energetic. It is a workplace where employee well-being is taken care of and where there is an opportunity to be heard and influence things.


We do our best and are proud of the results – always.


We trust people. We deliver what we promise.


We are transparent both internally and externally.


We are passionate for sustainable software development.


In the consulting business, the significance of the employer often takes a backseat compared to product companies, since a large part of the daily work involves client interactions. But it doesn’t have to be this way. At Teamit, everyone knows each other, even if they work on different assignments. Everyone receives mentorship, coaching, and support; everyone is a part of the work community. We firmly believe this is also to the client’s advantage.

At Teamit, we cherish our work community and foster connections. We organize regular movie and series nights, board game evenings, and LAN events. Of course, the company covers the cost of food and drinks. For those who love physical activity, there are colleagues inviting you to martial arts and bouldering. The company takes care of the recovery drinks.

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