Customer and marketing register

Privacy statement 28.2.2020

1. The registrar

Teamit Group Oy
Y-tunnus: 2808016-1
Itälahdenkatu 22b, 00210 Helsinki

2. Contact person related to register

Jussi Heikkilä, CEO
Itälahdenkatu 22b, 00210 Helsinki

3. Name of the register

Customer and marketing register of Teamit Group

4. The purpose of handling personal information

This is a privacy policy for the customer and marketing register of Teamit Group, which includes Teamit Group Oy, Teamit Oy, and Teamit Solutions Oy. The purpose of the register is to contact, market, sell, and manage customer relationships and communications. The legal basis for handling personal information is a legitimate interest for marketing and contract fulfilment for customer relationship management. The register contains personal information such as name, job title, company name and ID, phone number, email address, customer history, service order and agreement information, billing and collection information, marketing and sales promotion information, website behavior, technical data, and cookies. Cookies are used for website functionality and analytics, and for targeted advertising. The personal information is regularly checked and removed when there is no legal basis for processing. The information is collected from the customer, employer, or other parties, and may be purchased or collected from external sources or public records for marketing purposes. The register is managed by Teamit Group Oy, and the contact person is Jussi Heikkilä, CEO.

5. Data content of the register

Data content of the register The register contains information only about individuals and their contact details who are current or potential customer.

The purpose of processing personal data is for customer contact, marketing, sales, service quality improvement, customer relationship management, and customer communication for Teamit Group Oy (2808016-1), Teamit Oy (2824958-8), and Teamit Solutions Oy (2824959-6).

The legal basis for processing personal data is legitimate interest for marketing and contract fulfillment for customer relationship management. Surveys for customer satisfaction and electronic direct marketing messages will be sent to registered individuals based on their consent

rs of the companies in the Teamit Group (Teamit Group Oy, Teamit Oy and Teamit Solutions Oy). The registered information may include information related to customer relationships and sales promotion, such as: • First and last name • Job title • Company name and business ID • Contact phone number • Contact email address • Customer history (e.g. customer contacts, service changes) • Service order information • Service agreement information • Billing and debt collection information • Direct marketing bans and consents • Marketing and sales promotion information, such as targeted marketing activities and participation in them (e.g. competitions, webinars and events) • Web behavior information on Teamit’s websites and services • Technical information and cookie-related information sent to the registered browser

6. Cookies

Our website stores cookies on the user’s device, which are small text files. Cookies enable the functionality of our online service and do not harm the device or files. We analyze usage-related data of our website in order to provide better service. We use cookies for targeted advertising, for which we use Google Analytics. For more information on Google’s privacy policy and the use of Google Analytics, please refer to Google’s privacy statement. The website user can prevent the use of cookies through browser settings.

7. Storage period of personal data

The personal data recorded in the register is regularly reviewed, and the data is deleted when there is no legal basis for its processing.

8. Regular sources of information

The collection of registered information is based on the customer relationship or other connection with Teamit. The information content of the register is collected during different stages of the customer relationship life cycle. The information concerning the data subject is regularly obtained directly from the data subject. Personal data may also be collected from the data subject’s employer or other sources. Personal data may be purchased from external registers for one-time marketing use and collected from public sources.

9. Regular disclosures of information

Information may be disclosed within the Teamit Group.

10. Transfer of data outside the EU or EEA

Information is not regularly transferred outside the EU or EEA. Information may be transferred outside the EU or EEA in accordance with the Personal Data Act.

11. Principles of protection of registry data

Only those persons who have the right to process such data in the course of their work are authorized to use the system containing personal data. Each user has their own username and password for the system. The data is collected on cloud servers that are protected by firewalls, passwords, and other technical means.

12. Right of inspection and right to correct information

The data subject has the right to inspect the information recorded in the register concerning them. Requests for inspection rights must be made in writing and signed, and sent to the address mentioned in section 1. Teamit will respond to inspection requests in writing. If there are errors in the data subject’s information, the data subject may make a request to the person responsible for registry matters mentioned in section 2 to correct the error. The data subject also has other rights related to the processing of personal data under the law.

13. Right to prohibition

The data subject has the right to prohibit the disclosure and processing of their information for direct marketing, distance selling, and other direct marketing purposes.

14. Changes to the privacy statement

We are constantly developing our services, and therefore reserve the right to change this privacy statement by informing about it on our website.