About us

Teamit enhances the value of the customer by offering top-notch business understanding and the best expertise for implementing digital services.

Teamit’s story

Teamit was founded in 2013 as an IT expert company. The starting point for establishing Teamit was to create a company where the focus is on the essentials, and everyone feels good. It is essential that everyone knows how their actions impact the company’s success.

At Teamit, everyone is an experienced expert with strong business acumen and a desire to serve customers. We want to offer our customers a first-class customer experience. We assist our customers by providing the best expertise for implementing digital services.

Developing sustainable software solutions is a matter close to our heart. Our experts are united by the desire to develop and challenge themselves. We also want to challenge our customers to find the most suitable solutions.

Teamit was founded by Jussi Heikkilä. 80% of Teamit’s staff, in addition to Jussi Heikkilä, are shareholders of Teamit.

Teamit’s services include: software development, software testing, quality assurance, service design, e-commerce, analytics and artificial intelligence solutions, and cybersecurity.

Teamit values

Teamit is enthusiastic and energetic. It is a workplace where employee well-being is taken care of and where there is an opportunity to be heard and influence things.


We do our best and are proud of the results – always.


We trust people. We deliver what we promise.


We are transparent both internally and externally.


We are passionate for sustainable software development.

Contact us

Sami Talpiainen

Head of consulting


+358 40 550 3969

Marko Nissilä

Head of recruitment


+358 45 2193 560

Valtteri Hyyppä

New business and sales


+358 40 831 8833

Anssi Heimonen

Talent acquisition specialist


+358 50 366 5922

Mathias Gamba

Mathias Gamba

Talent acquisition specialist


+358 50 547 5554

Invoicing address

We expect to receive invoices as e-invoices. We do not accept paper invoices to a business address.

Teamit Group Oy

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Teamit Partners Oy

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