Job Applicant Register

Privacy Statement 27.3.2023

27.3.2023 Update: Contact information and data storage details
28.8.2019 Update: Added section on Personal data processing, disclosure, and removal; Added section on Disclosure of personal data to customers
19.8.2019 Update: Purpose of personal data processing, data removal; Retention of personal data; Principles of registry data protection, collection
17.7.2019 Update: Protection principles
9.4.2019 Update: Contact information and data storage details
25.5.2018 Created

1. Registrar

Teamit Group Oy
Business ID: 2808016-1
Itälahdenkatu 22b, 00210 Helsinki
Phone. 010 323 7310

2. Contact person for register matters

Contact person: Mirka Tuuliainen, Employer Experience Manager,, +358408397861, Itälahdenkatu 22 b B, 00210 Helsinki

Other contact details: Jussi Heikkilä, CEO,, +358503509003, Itälahdenkatu 22 b B, 00210 Helsinki

3. Name of the register

Teamit Group’s job applicant register

4. Purpose of personal data processing

The purpose of personal data processing is the recruitment of employees for Teamit Group Oy (2808016-1), Teamit Oy (2824958-8), and Teamit Solutions Oy (2824959-6), creating employment relationships, and collecting feedback on the recruitment process.

5. Personal data processing, disclosure, and removal

Personal data is processed in the evaluation and selection of applicants for open positions in the Teamit Group. The basis for processing is the consent given by the registered individual or the statutory obligations or rights of the Teamit Group.

Data relating to the registered person’s work experience and professional skills may be disclosed to Teamit Group’s customers.

Personal data is stored in the register for a maximum of one year, after which it is deleted. The registrar may also remove the data concerning the registered individual before this.

However, data may be retained for longer than one year if an employment relationship is established with the registered person, if the registered person gives separate consent, or if there is another legally based reason for retention.

6. Contents of the register

The register may contain the following personal data: name, contact details, date of birth, free-form application cover letter and additional information, education and work experience details, skills description, preferences for future job roles, and any other data collected with the registered individual’s consent.

7. Data storage

The register is stored in a browser-based recruitment system provided by Ignite OÜ. At the time of granting consent, the register is stored on a cloud server provided by Digital Ocean Inc. (address: 101 Avenue of the Americas 10th Floor New York, NY 10013, USA; email:; website:

Additionally, data may be stored on cloud servers provided by:

  • Ignite OÜ Dropbox Inc.
  • Google LLC
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Cinode

Personal data is not stored outside the European Union.

8. Regular sources of data

Data concerning the registered individual is regularly obtained from the individual themselves through an application form.

9. Regular data disclosures

Data is not regularly disclosed.

10. Transfer of data outside the EU or EEA

Data is not regularly transferred outside the EU or EEA. Data can be transferred outside the EU or EEA in accordance with the Personal Data Act.

11. Principles of registry data protection

Only employees who have the right to process job applicant data for their work are entitled to use the system containing personal data. Each user has their own username and password to the system. The data is collected on cloud servers protected by firewalls, passwords, and other technical means.

12. Right of inspection and right to correct information

The registered individual has the right to check the data recorded about them in the register. Requests regarding the right of inspection must be made in writing and signed to the address mentioned in section 1. Teamit responds to inspection requests in writing. A reasonable fee may be charged for the inspection request if the previous inspection was less than one year ago.

If there are errors in the registered data, the registered individual can submit a request to correct the error to the person responsible for register matters mentioned in section 2.

The registered individual also has other statutory rights related to the processing of personal data.