Software Development

At Teamit, you’ll find experienced software developers and architects for demanding software development projects. We implement custom software solutions on a turnkey basis and also offer complete teams or individual experts to complement the client’s existing team. 

Where we excel

As a company, we have over 700 years of cumulative expertise in digital development. We have skills for every challenge, but we are particularly good in the following areas: 

  • Solutions for business efficiency: 
    • ERP systems 
    • CRM systems 
    • Systems for customer service, supply chain, inventory, and order management 
    • Financial solutions (pricing, payments, investments) 
  • Solutions for business growth: 
    • B2B and B2C e-commerce 
    • Digital service and transaction channels 

GenAI solutions

GenAI solutions are increasingly used in various operating environments such as customer service, marketing, sales, and education.

Versatile language model-based solutions act like a personal assistant that can tirelessly sift through large data sets. They combine information retrieval abilities and natural language generation, thus delivering directly usable data to the solution user.

With various GenAI methods, organizations can streamline their processes, offer better customer experiences, and significantly grow their business.

Teamit has been involved in developing the following GenAI-utilizing solutions for its clients:

  • Compiling reports from various data sources (systems, databases, Word/Excel/PowerPoint/PDF files, emails, technical drawings, images, etc.), for purposes such as:
    • Analysis of client requests for proposals and creating offers based on the request materials (including defining the best offer content by comparing requirements to the product range)
    • Contract review and comparison (creating contract templates based on historical data, intelligent comparison of different contract versions)
    • Collection and analysis of statistical data
  • Classification and processing of customer inquiries
  • Monitoring and processing of external market signals

Teamit’s experts first determine the solution package that best suits each client’s needs and then implement it effectively – always in close cooperation with the client.

AI-Based Tools

Teamit’s experts are highly skilled in leveraging AI-based tools. Among the most commonly used are ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot.

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