What kind of design do you need? Or do you need a designer? We can definitely help.

Teamit’s design services are a versatile and comprehensive package that offers solutions to various design challenges. Whether it’s a small or large project, Teamit’s design consultants and teams are ready to help their clients develop functional and user-friendly solutions. The service range includes usability testing, prototyping, and facilitation, enabling clients to work easily and efficiently. This article explores in more detail the design services offered by Teamit and their benefits in different projects.

Design consultants and teams

Use when you want to have a skilled designer or an entire team either on an ongoing basis or for a specific period, such as a limited project.

Design consultants are valuable partners when you need professional assistance in design tasks. We offer flexible service where you can choose to have either one designer or an entire team dedicated to your project. The competencies and consultants are selected based on the specific project to ensure that you have the required expertise at your disposal. Teamit’s design consultants specialize in service design, UX/UI design, and product design. We will help you choose the service that best meets your needs.

Usability testing

Use when you want to ensure that your product or service is useful to its users, free of issues during usage, or to gather information about the current state of your product.

Usability testing is an important part of the development of any product or service. When you want to ensure that users can easily and effectively use your product with a positive experience, you need a skilled team to help you achieve your goals. We offer three different options for usability testing that will help you identify problem areas, conduct a current state analysis, and improve the user experience. Read more from the list below and choose the option that suits you best.

Usability testing can be conducted at various stages of a project, and we offer a wide range of options for implementing testing.

Teamit carries out a product development project, tests it with users, and completes the project.

  1. Requirements and concept development
  2. Building a prototype (If using a ready-made Figma UI kit, time is saved)
  3. User screening and recruitment
  4. Testing
  5. Usability testing report
  6. Improvement suggestions and solutions
  7. Implementation of improvements
  8. Development of the final product

Teamit tests your prototype with users and produces a test report.

  1. User screening and recruitment
  2. Testing
  3. Usability testing report
  4. Improvement suggestions and solutions

Teamit tests your current solution and produces a test report

  1. User screening and recruitment
  2. Testing
  3. Usability testing report


Use this when the key to success is to bring information from within your organization to the forefront so that we can collaboratively develop new solutions, improve your processes, software, business, or customer-centricity. Teamit’s facilitation services help you do exactly that in the way you need.

We offer flexible workshops where you can choose the topic you want to address. We can also assist you in identifying the most useful topic. We can either fully outsource the workshop or engage in co-design with you to ensure that you have a hand in designing the topic with us. This way, we ensure that our service aligns precisely with your needs.


Design maturity

One of our workshop topics is design maturity, which helps you to operate in a customer-centric manner now, a year from now, and beyond. Our workshops consist of clear stages where we address concepts, significance, and dimensions of design maturity specific to your organization. We also identify factors that influence your organization’s design maturity level. Following that, we can present you with various tools, methodologies, competencies, and other means to improve your organization’s design maturity in the short, medium, and long term.

User personas

Another example of our workshop topics is user personas, which helps you better understand the needs of your target user group. In the workshop, we explore the prioritization of your target user group and how much information you have available about them. Together, we create user personas and discuss how you can leverage and refine this information in the future.

Learn more about user personas here.

How much time and resources are required for workshop preparation?

This real-life example is from a workshop we conducted for an international leading technology company to enhance their customer-centricity. The workshop focused on the client’s identified need to strengthen user-centeredness and the use of design thinking in their design process. The purpose of this example is to help you understand the potential investment for an individual workshop.

  • 8 hours of preparation before the workshop
  • 8-hour workshop day (+ time spent by participants in the workshop)
  • 8 hours for results analysis after the workshop

Even with relatively short preparation, a workshop was successfully conducted, and the most memorable spontaneous feedback came from a participant who loudly and enthusiastically praised the workshop to their colleagues in the hallway after its completion.

What did the client receive?
  • Key insights summarized in a report
  • User personas
  • Bringing separately working teams together
  • Visibility of knowledge from different teams and roles regarding the workshop topic
  • Multiple concrete ways to better understand their customers
  • Multiple ways to make decisions on implemented matters more efficiently, thus reducing unnecessary work
  • Raw materials
  • A memorable and different workday

What’s next?

Teamit’s designers are at your service, so please contact Sami Talpiainen or Jussi Heikkilä.

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