Teamit Salary and Benefits

You can choose the compensation model that suits you best with us. The choice is yours.

Teamit’s salary and compensation models

A consultant can change their payment model with a one-month notice period. The payment model can be changed at most once every 12 months.

The current billing rates for our software development experts are 80-120 €/hour.

Fixed monthly salary

The salary range for our currently open positions is between 4500€/month to 7500€/month.

Invoicing-related monthly salary

  • 50% of client billing
  • Teamit pays the normal employer’s social security contributions from the salary – meaning that 50% is the consultant’s genuine gross salary
  • If there were no billing, the guaranteed salary would be €3080 per month.

Benefits and bonuses

  • Computer (PC / Mac), phone, and peripherals
  • Phone benefit if needed
  • Internet benefit if needed
  • Free use of Udemy Business online training portal
  • High-quality occupational health care services
  • Massage benefit, where the employer pays 50% of the purchased massage
  • Exercise and culture benefit, where the employer pays 50% of the purchased exercise or cultural activity
  • Lunch benefit, where the employer pays 25% of the purchased lunch
  • Commuting benefit in Helsinki (HSL) and Tampere (Nysse)
  • Bonus when your customer feedback is at least 4/5.
  • Bring your best coworkers with you, and receive a 3000€ recruitment bonus per recommended person!
  • Do you personally know someone from a good and interesting company? Bring in an assignment from there and receive a 3000€ fee per assignment!
  • Comprehensive leisure accident insurance that covers everything except professional sports and traffic accidents both at home and abroad.
  • The possibility to work completely remotely.
  • The possibility to work a 4-day week.
  • The option to choose and switch between two different salary models.
  • The opportunity for colleague coaching and mentoring.
  • Planned and systematic competence development.
  • When there is a possibility to choose from several different assignments, the choice is yours.

Don’t believe us? Talk to our consultants and ask them!

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